As a seasoned professional my goals are simple: reduce headaches and create meaningful experiences. Recently I worked to achieve those goals as Project Manager at MerchBee, where I led an amazing team dedicated to the needs of our growing community. Beyond work I love adventuring with my wife, running, binge-watching Netflix originals, and discovering new music on Spotify.


Recent projects

MerchBee Platform Redesign 2016

MerchBee is an emerging online service dedicated to providing Amazon Sellers with streamlined tools for everything from automated email marketing to monitoring seller feedback and product reviews. The platform's redesign is scheduled to launch in early July 2016 and represents month's worth of tireless work from the entire MerchBee team.

Hudson's Furniture Webmaster 2016

Hudson's Furniture has served Central Florida since 1982 by providing high-quality furnishings and bedding at unbeatable prices, all available on their responsive ecommerce website.


Throughout my career I have received over 20 awards, including numerous Site of the Day awards from organizations like CSS Gallery and Design Shack. I have also been recognized in industry publications including InstantShift and Top Design Mag.


Hudson's Furniture Digital Consultant (Contract) 2015-Present

  • Digital Strategist and Social Media Adviser for the executive leadership.
  • Developed branded surveys that evaluate customer satisfaction and intelligently displays proper communication channels based upon response sentiment.
  • Webmaster and Content Manager for the corporate ecommerce website and all Google My Business and Yelp profiles.

MerchBee Project Manager (Contract) 2016

  • Directly managed a globally distributed team of 9 members.
  • Developed key wireframe sequences and conducted usability testing.
  • Webmaster and Content Manager for the corporate website.
  • Established customer service and technical support systems.
  • Developed branded surveys to collect new feature requests from and evaluate the overall satisfaction of MerchBee's community.

Tupperware Instructional Designer (Contract) 2015

  • Collaborated with the Group President of Tupperware Americas to create keynote presentations outlining major corporate initiatives for 2016.

Honda User Experience Designer (Contract) 2015

  • Designed complete wireframe sequences and conducted usability testing within simulated roadside assistance situations.

Sykes Enterprises Project Manager (Contract) 2015

  • Oversaw 3 enterprise-scale projects as Project Manager and directly managed multifaceted teams exceeding 15 members.
  • Collaborated with executive leadership to translate business strategies into applications that support over 40,000 active employees.
  • Developed key wireframe sequences and interactive prototypes then conducted on-site usability tests with groups exceeding 100 users.

Telespeak Director of Marketing 2014-2015

  • Rebranded entire company including all products and services.
  • Developed the fully responsive corporate website (inactive).
  • Handled weekly email campaigns to over 33,000 subscribers.
  • Created ads and authored articles for ChannelVision Magazine.
  • Designed company trade show booth and attendee experience.
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